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Still Waters run deep, and so does the intense vibration of Southern California's premier spoken word venue.
Still Waters ambience embraces the character of its humble beginnings yet curbs your appetite for mental stimuli.
This artsy metropolis caters to the eclectic & abstract artist of all cultures.  You will find the Field Poets, authors, creative writers, visual & musical artist cultivating masterpieces on stage that features national greats such as Amiri Baraka, The Last Poets and The Watts Prophets.  Also former Def Poetry Jam poets to local novices bless the mic.
Food4Thot and SoCks infectious personifies oneness. No matter who you are you will instantly feel welcome at Still Waters. 
Still Waters  
817N. La Brea Ave. (cross st./ Plymouth)
Inglewood, a. 90302
Contact: 424.646.3334
Feature Poets
Still Waters Store
Still Waters Publishing
Producer / Host
News / Media / Videos

" Welcome to The Still Waters Experience, the premier space for mind, body and spirit wellness through live art, music and spoken word.  Thanks for stopping by our website, we look forward to seeing you at our next event."  
                                                                                          - The  Still Waters Family! 

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