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The Still Waters Sage Spray is formulated to calm, relax, replenish and revitalize your energy to handle or let go of any situation imaginable from a balanced, clear, peaceful position. 

This spray is excellent for shifting the energy in a positive way in any room, car, and conversation. Made with all natural sage leaves and essential oils, the “Still Waters (Peace in a Bottle) Sage Spray” has been known to have many healing principles. Including, balancing the energy around you, harmonizing the pH in your hair and skin, and increased blood circulation, resulting in the stimulation of hair growth.

Still Waters Sage Spray
​$20.00  (8oz)
Still Waters Sweet Almond Oil promotes a healthy scalp for hair growth and also keeps the hair smelling fresh.   SW Almond Oil is a multi-purposed, leave-in treatment for all hair types. We designed it to protect your hair from the damage of heated tools and control frizz. It also locks in moisture while boosting shine, volume and body. This lightweight styling aid will protect, treat and nourish your hair all day long. Use it each time you cleanse for amazing results. 
Still Waters Hair & Skin Love Almond Oil
$15.00 (4oz)
Still Waters Blessed Skin Body Butter
Still Waters Beauty Water Vibrant Splash
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$15.00 (4oz)
Still Waters Vibrant Splash is a lavender pH balanced facial cleanser designed to heal the skin externally. After washing the face with soap, spray Still Waters Vibrant Splash on the face to eliminate the feeling of tight itchy skin caused by soap.
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An organic blend of shea butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil combinations all married together to assist in healthy, smooth, silky well moisturized skin. With 100% pure healing essential oils a little bit of this cream goes a long way.
$10.00 (4oz)
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Wellness Products...
The Still Waters Store is an online wellness bar that accommodates the needs of your mind, body and soul through a wide range of products, that aim to rejuvenate from the inside out.      
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