Still Waters Publishing is a imprint of the Still Waters Collective of artists, poets, writers and scholars; a Los Angeles based organization that promotes multicultural literature and literacy.    Still Waters Collective of writers inject new blood into the contemporary literary scene.  We have a growing reputation for producing quality work in a wide variety of genres by culturally grounded authors.  The press focuses on  Poetry, Non-Fiction, Fiction and History, particularly works that have an edge to them, or are completely distinct from works published by most large commercial presses.

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Royal Feast is a collection of poetry, prose and short-stories that reflects #poetFood4Thot 's intimate testament of his unwavering fascination for the written and spoken word. With over 80 poems categorized as menu line items, you’re sure to find something that will tantalize your taste-buds and keep you wanting to dine at this literary restaurant. Essays and short stories are also sprinkled throughout the manuscript to provide balance and insight as to why #poetFood4Thot became a literary chef.
"Musings Of A Rascal" is a candid portrait of family, life and society through the eyes of Oya L. Sherrills . This collection of writings done between the ages of 14-24 is a timely manuscript, offering riveting poetry, essays, quotes and calls to action, that will inspire the best in us all.
“Sounds from the Waters”, is a symphony of creative voices that gives birth to sparkling waves of jewels drawing one into a trance like state inspiring deep thought and contemplation. Each poet brings his own authenticity, style, and timbre adding to the favor, depth, and richness of this amazing anthology.   A gathering of poets whose seeds nurtured and harvested by attentive gardeners, whose vision and commitment to community, free of charge, visionary in scope and depth paved the way and allowed this birthing process to take place. Beautiful is this offspring; welcome are these voices channels of beauty, love, pain, suffering, faith and messages from the universe. Their pens are their voices allowing them to inhale and exhale on their journey. Sighs of relief, freedom, register in my mind, as I read these pages. 

Authored By: The Still Waters Writers' Collective
As a producer, educator, author, and award-winning poet, Oshea (known artistically as Food4Thot) utilizes creative expression to promote the innate greatness that resides in all beings. Coined the “Prince of Poetry” by the late, great Leimert Park poet Dee Black, Oshea’s extremely potent delivery is like an iron fist inside of a silk glove.  
​Authored by:  Oshea Kwa Luja
Oya L Sherrills is a native of California. Her writing perspectives are greatly influenced by the environments she traversed as a youth, namely; the Los Angeles and Northern Bay area inner cities and suburbs. Born to young parents in the turmoil of heightened urban violence, Oya grew up on the Mississippi swamp tales of her Great Grandmother.  An organizer and advocate for human rights and educational empowerment, she lives with her son in Los Angeles where they continue to uplift and grow through community engagement. 
Authored by: Oya L. Sherrills
Featured Manuscripts 
This manuscript bids your attention via elderly voices reflecting wisdom and discernment through life lessons. EngAGE explores an ancient method of expression while allowing you to feel personally connected with each poet through their bio. This anthology is a unique offering of seasoned voices flourishing as one. We hope that in someway you will be inspired to share your poems or stories with the world.
Authored by - EngAge Senior Artist Collective
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In every poem, song or spoken word piece performed, sang or written, there is a story told.  As Griots, we reflect bits and pieces of incidents relating to people and communities that are seen through our minds eye.  Therefore, untold stories that may have been lost, find residence.   "Seeds of A Griot" is part of one griots reflection.
Authored By:   SUNDIATA
Watts Learning Center Middle School Anthology is a collection of narratives written be the students of WLC.   Each poem and story expressed is a testament to the greatness of these students.  This book also served as a catalyst that spearheaded the move to a new campus for this school.
Authored By:  The Students of The Watts Learning Center
"Internal Balance" is a colossal rite of passage into wholeness, self-liberation, trust and responsibility. It is an unwavering radical love from within, a ceremony of transformation, and announcing to yourself what is true in your moral fibers and being celebrated as you make it known that you are ready to live your fullest potential now. It is the freedom to live faithfully in alignment with your higher self. It is the commitment, dedication and discipline to choose love for yourself and others no matter what.

Authored By: Melanie & Oshea Luja  
"Try Walking A Mile N My Socks" is a timeless manuscript that echo's Melanie's connection to nature, tribe and the universe. We share her aim in discovering parallel messages from ancient sources about the infinite power of the journey that exist in all of us. Melanie hopes by telling her story, we all will be motivated to tell our story for generations to come.
Authored by: Melanie Luja (Queen Socks)
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Why Articulate Scars? If you’re severely cut with a knife, it may heal, but a permanent mark will remain. If you gain weight quickly, your body will produce stretch marks as a result. In the three years it took me to compile these works, I’ve been entrenched in the rigors and whimsy of romantic endeavors, as well as an exponential growth toward self-actualization—the embracement of which has left my spirit beautifully scarred. These poems are living testaments to love’s losses and wins, adult growing pains, and dreams realized and deferred.

Authored By: Derek D. Brown
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