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As a producer, educator, author, and award-winning poet, Oshea (known artistically as Food4Thot) utilizes creative expression to promote the innate greatness that resides in all beings. Coined the “Prince of Poetry” by the late, great Leimert Park poet Dee Black, Oshea’s extremely potent delivery is like an iron fist inside of a silk glove.  

A native of Watts, CA, Oshea is also the architect behind Lyrical Jinglist, a jingle-writing company he co-founded that writes television and radio jingles for businesses looking to expand into innovative spectrum's. He also assembles a quarterly production called Still Waters, featuring dynamic musicians, poets, authors, vocalists, visual artists, African dance, and theatrical skits.

Oshea’s passion is working with youth and elders, linking these generations together to better inner-stand the human experience. As a well-regarded facilitator for the Doby Boys youth program in Watts, CA, and the creative-writing coach for EngAGE Seniors Arts Colony in Southern California, Oshea is very hopeful that this link between generations will be repaired through creative expression and unconditional love.

Some of Oshea’s work includes (CDs): Full Course Meal (2007); Introducing Lukuma Kwa Luja (2009); The Darker Brother Revisited (2014); and The Love Lock (2015). (Theater Plays): Big City, Bright Lights (2012). (School Curriculum): The Still Waters Writers’ Workshop (2010) and The Super-Heru: Activating Your Super-Hero (2011). (Books): Watts Learning Center Anthology (2011); Sounds from the Waters Poetry Anthology (2013); and Royal Feast: Poetry, Prose & Short Stories (2015). 

With the launch of Still Waters Publishing and Vibrations Enrichment Network in 2010, Oshea credits his success with having met and learned from many great people along the way.


           Queen Socks                                                                                                                                  

This incredible spirit captivates your membrane as though every sound of her voice cements you in time.  Queen Sock's aura is that of a translucent  majestic being.  A native of Los Angeles, California, this Author, Poet & Writer is such an intricate part of Still Waters.

Queen Socks has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 7, her debut cd “N My Socks” followed the book “Try Walking A Mile N My Socks” which is a collection of poems, prose and essays from her earlier life as a writer. As a marketing and communications major at Cal St. Fullerton, She went on to start a promotions company representing the artist of Def Jam, Columbia Records, Bad Boy and So So Def to name a few. She has also work with Jay-Z, Nas, The Fugees, Da Brat, Destiny’s Child and many others.  

Queen Socks uses the stage as a platform to promote truth, self-expression, healing and entrepreneurship. As a business owner, this creative sista' manufactures a line of all natural hair and skin care products called “Subtle Tiyes.” which was created to teach our people healing and beautification from the inside out.

Queen Socks is CEO of Vibrations Enrichment Network, where she facilitates workshops, conducts private consultations, and coordinates events. As an herbalist, she enjoys creating concoctions and elixirs to assist in healing a wounded community. 

Some of Queen Socks works include, stage plays "Big City Bright  Lights," and "Flowers" CD's: Queen Socks, The Love Lock and Ancestral Vessel, Books: Try Walking A Mile In My Socks, Watts Learning Center Anthology, Sounds From The Waters Anthology and Tea with Melanie.  School curriculum: The Princess Project initiative and The Still Waters' Writers Workshop.     

Queen Socks, is a sought after healer, host and writer.  This amazing being also creates jewelry, art, and eccentric apparel, come let Queen Socks introduce you to the Still Water's experience!